The thread title pretty much says it all. Maybe it's a stupid question. I was wondering where to post this, and thought maybe SF/F would be good, since I figure speculative fiction might have a few more worlds ending, realities unraveling, and space-times collapsing than other genres. I could be wrong. Move it if you can think of a better section.

But anyway. How often does the end of the world come up in your stories? The "world" being relative to your in-story universe, of course. Do you write to "end of the world" stakes a lot? Do you read about it a lot? Do you enjoy it? Is it possible to get tired of end-of-the-world stakes?

I've noticed a lot of my ideas lately involve the world ending in some way or another. Usually, it's tied to an internal conflict. The rest of the plots in these ideas is quite different (my stories generally being character-driven, after all), but I was beginning to worry maybe it'd get old if every story involved the possibility of the end of the world as we know it.

So what do you think? Is it okay if the world ends over and over again as long as the story and characters are unique? Or do you prefer mixing it up with more subtle, down-to-earth stakes?