I was reading a story in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine last night and came across this word "gleek" twice within two pages, used as a verb.

The first time I skimmed by it, but the second time I decided to look it up. Two definitions come up on Google:

1. (verb) from Wikipedia, under general term "spitting": "In general, gleeking occurs when an accumulation of saliva in the submandibular gland is propelled out in a stream when the gland is compressed by the tongue." Yech. I found other similar definitions in online dictionaries.

2. (noun) from a variety of sources: a fan of the tv show "Glee."

Neither of these seems to be right in the sentences. I hope it's ok to quote them:

"Savary tapped down his black sunglasses and gleeked the men on the loading dock."

and on next page

"Jodie gleeked him over her cat-eyed sunglasses."

The first time I thought it meant something like "squinted at." When I saw it again on the very next page, it bugged me something fierce. What a strange word, to be used twice in a short story, close together.

So, can anyone help me figure out the meaning of "gleek" as used in those sentences?