So twice now I've had a bad day and managed to burn the candle at both ends until I was caught up on the missing day and caught up on all the days where 1300-1500 words were "good enough" word count days for me. Miss three different days actual word count and that's as bad as missing a whole day.

So twice now I've put my head down and ground the words out. I'm back exactly where I should have been had I done every day's full word count, but now I can't seem to ever get ahead. I stopped today at seven p.m. with 18, 984 words. I finished at the end of a scene, but the next scene is going to be just as interesting. I could have gotten quite the head start on tomorrow, but instead it's 12:34 and I'm wiped. I'll probably go to bed as soon as I finish typing this and wake up tomorrow, 1660 words in the hole for the day.

Gah! Why do we do this to ourselves?