I did try searching the forum, but I couldn't quite find what I was looking for. I have a scenario in mind, but I am not sure of the details.

My character is shot from a distance 20 to 30 yards with a .22 (that's flexible, if needed). I need the wound to seem not that serious. He needs to be conscious and if possible mobile, but in pain and not bleeding excessively, and for everyone (my other characters; the doctors can think differently) to be thinking that he's not in real danger of death. He should be able to have visitors in the hospital the next day, but he should be considered out of action for the remainder of the story, so that the other characters will have to act on his information. Then, 24-48 hours later, he develops a serious infection and high fever and is in danger of dying of organ failure.

My thought was that the bullet would enter his side, hit a rib, and from there do some damage to... What? What could it hit that would seem non-life-threatening but allow for serious complications? Is it plausible to use a .22 for this, since the bullet would be small and (maybe) less likely to exit the body? Is this scenario generally plausible?