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Thread: Anime Music

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    figuring it all out
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    Feb 2012

    Anime Music

    Anime OPs, EDs, OSTs, you name it.

    What particular songs or composers of this "genre" have you liked?

    I like
    Kajiura Yuki (composer)
    NGE's "Komm Susser Tod"
    Higurashi's "You"

    PS: I considered making this thread since I felt it had a different approach to this one

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    Alive in the silence Lunabird's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    Yuki Kajiura and Yoko Kanno tie for my favorite composers. Well, actually, maybe I do like Yoko Kanno just a little bit better. Depends on my mood.

    I love Akiko Shikata as well, though her songs do tend to sound pretty similar.

    Naoki Satou is great for horror (I listen to mostly soundtrack music when I write, so I love him for creepy scenes).

    I've only listened to the Kobato soundtracks as far as Hama Takeshi goes, but I really like them.

    Motoi Sakuraba is pretty awesome too.

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    figuring it all out Manon's Avatar
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    Nov 2012
    Utrecht, The Netherlands

    One of my favorite songs ever!

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    banned as an incurable tosspot
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    Nov 2012
    So far I've most enjoyed the music in Claymore and Noir although a few others have had nice songs here and there (El Cazador de la Bruja has a very nice piece called the Inca Rose).


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