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I'll try again, since it doesn't seem to have made it through.

It depends.

I read fantasy, I read sci-fi, I read action-adventure and historical and just about anything that isn't explicitly chick lit or literary. I'll even read mysteries when I'm really strapped for reading material.

I treat everything I read as a spec fic of some sort, because everything has an element of speculation. The historical speculates on what people actually thought then (at the very least, and the further you go back the more spec the fic is). The action-adventure tends to speculate about things like special forces and crime syndicates and extremists and special weapons and someone being a tough enough dude to save the President. The mystery tends to speculate on someone being dead and someone else working out who done it, and the (small amount of) romance I've read speculates on what makes and breaks a relationship.

One notable thing I remember was being presented with something completely unlikely to the point of impossibility at the end of an action-adventure book, as part of the climax, and I didn't assume it was spec fic - I just assumed it was written by some clown who'd temporarily forgotten the laws of physics because he didn't realise that a man-made aircraft hovering isn't hovering relative to its immediate surroundings, but relative to the world in general. I didn't assume it was spec fic, I assumed it was idiocy, because by everything presented to that point, the standard laws of physics applied.

Meanwhile, a different story can get away with magic spells, genre-savvy characters and dragons that disappear when you stop believing in them.

It's like you're deliberately trying to be evasive... I even included the word likely and still. Okay let's narrow it down a bit. If the story is consistently unrealistic to the point of impossibility in our world and it looks like it's intentional... would it likely be speculative fiction?