Ok, so - I have a strong plot outline. I have clearly defined characters, settings, resistance, what I want the book to "say" / be about (the 2nd layers and below that in my mind elevate a book), blahblahblah ---

I am having an - and I must say - UNEXPECTEDLY difficult time getting past the first 3 chapters, wherein - our intrepid writer bridges the gap betwixt the ending of the first book and brings dear reader up to speed on where their MC is now.

Infodumps = death.

Any advice?


My trilogy of books is a mystery (sci-fi noir), so I originally posted this to MTS. While there are oh-so many mysteries that are a *series*, the presence of actual honest-to-God trilogies in the mystery genre are - well - I couldn't think of a single one.

Trilogies in SF/F otoh are - if not de rigueur - certainly a standard of the genre.

So - dear mods - I would very much appreciate input from both communities and can't think of a way to get that except to post the same question to both boards. I'm sure u'll set me straight if I've missteped.