Levy states that EA's previous stategy of "big brands + big marketing budget + high production values = $$$" may have "finally run its course in the core space." Going forward, Levy believes, EA will focus on smaller games that will provide a bigger return on the publisher's investment. "As far as I can tell from publicly facing information, creating innovative, new IPs just isn't a priority for the organization."
So, if what this former producer say is true, it looks like firms like BioWare will be producing the next Angry Birds for iOS and Android instead of creating new worlds and experiences on the level of Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

My initial reaction is split about this. If EA could get out of big games, it would be good. There are enough firms out there to fill the vacuum, and many of those firms are healthier for the industry than EA. But it could also be a signal about things to come.

Maybe the age of big budget triple A titles are coming to an end?