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I found this assumption highly offensive and discriminatory. Also note that I have had more personal attacks thrown my way in this thread than the other way around, as I have been called a 'bigot' and 'stoopid' while the biggest insult I've used is probably... politically correct.

You asked if using the word "fair" would upset women. I think you got your answer... yes, some. Now, you have to sort out if you care or not. If your story is meant for an audience who expects to see 42 in. bust squeeze into a 38 in. chainmail bra, then you need to accept it's not going to appeal to 100% of the women out there (or men... can't be sexist myself).

On the other hand, if you are looking to present a unique character who is more than a bust size, perhaps you need to look at describing your story in a way that doesn't alienate the women who are offended by "fair".

It's hard to not make judgments about an author based on the writing. If you write things are considered un-PC, then people will label you. However, imo you shouldn't force your writing to be PC if that's not true to your story.

Hope this helps.