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    Okay, if this isn't in the right spot, I'm going to trust a Mod to move it for me.

    I'm going to throw out as a place to avoid for playwrights.

    from their website
    “This is simply one of the most brilliant shows of love for the stage writing craft that I have ever seen. Bravo!”
    ~ Cas Marino, Director of Development, Black Henna Productions, New York City

    It’s never been easy finding an audience for a play

    Many publishers won’t even consider your work unless it’s had a professional production or been sent in by an agent

    Sadly, the chances of a play being published conventionally are small and getting smaller

    So we’ve tried to come up with a better way to give more plays a chance ...

    Stageplays is now willing and able to publish and distribute your play or theatre-related book as digital text

    To make sure your play is properly presented and that you’re properly paid, takes time, money and clever software, which is why we’re charging a $35.00 set-up fee

    But here’s the deal ...

    It costs $7.95 to download an ePlay

    When your play sells 5 copies, we’ll give you back your money

    Future sales will then be divided 50/50 between us and - if you wish - we’ll issue Performance Licences on your behalf for a 70/30 split in your favour

    For more details, click here

    As soon as you’ve passed through this payment process, we’ll send you our “ePlay Publication Guide”

    This details the info we need to include your play/book into the database and explains how to prepare and present it for publication

    The process is relatively straightforward but if you need further guidance, our Editors are always happy to help

    Your work should be available for purchase from Stageplays in about a week
    That's a c/p exactly from their website. And that strikes me as a vanity press for a very niche market of writers. Now granted $35 isn't bad, and if you have a play that calls for 7 or 8 scripts being purchased, you can make money off one show sale (and at least one of their shows sold, as that is how I heard about this company. My old high school, did one of their shows (I'm assuming, I googled the play title my sister put on her Facebook page, she may have gotten the title wrong, or their very well could be more then one play with the same title, I went with the first one that popped up). And I PROBABLY wouldn't mind, if it was a Smashwords like site strictly for plays. But you are paying them for the right to publish your material and you have to share in the profits and share in the royalties? Strikes me as a group that should be on the BRBC thread.

    I haven't been published by them, have no vested interest in this company, I merely googled out of curiosity of the show my sister was talking about and all sorts of red flags went up when I saw "Publish My Play".
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