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Thread: Clinical sounding or not?

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    Clinical sounding or not?

    I searched for another thread like this and I didn't see any that asked this question, but I might not have used the right search terms, so I'm sorry if there is another thread like this.

    So I freelance ghostwrite erotica and I'm currently working for a couple who has also had me bring in a proofreader I've known for a while, so that they can kill two birds with one stone. We aren't friends, but we get along. She and I have very different tastes in the authors we like and how we like to write erotic scenes. I like to use the word 'wet' sometimes. Every time I use it she marks it as 'too clinical sounding, use a different word'. I also use other words, but my main question is do you like using or reading the word 'wet' to describe female arousal? I've always preferred it myself and don't see it as a clinical word.
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