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Not a bad idea! My younger son is a messy eater, no matter how hard he tries. A paper towel as a placemat would be good. Then he can wipe his face and arms and the table and the floor afterward. (I'm serious!)
Equally serious: around Christmas (or right after: stock up with stuff on sale for next year) the stores have cheap, thin terry-cloth towels with Christmassy patterns. Ideal as placemat/napkins. Absorbent for the 'food on the floor and fingers' crowd.
And, unlike the fancy quilted ones, easy to wash and no big loss if they're too stained to reuse. It would seem a shame to have gravy stains all over a nice piece of hand-work.
Admittedly, plain ol' hose-it-off plastic has it's place, but it's not really dressy.