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Thanks, waylander - I just read an article from Gaelen Foley's blog under Writing, that says pretty much what you just said (along with some other good advice for those of us starting out). Link: http://networkedblogs.com/EyIGO

I think I will finish my outline for my next Sparta novel.
Just keep in mind that Foley's post applies primarily to genre fiction, specifically romances. If you see series potential in the Sparta story, then that may work for you. But writing historical women's fiction probably also allows you broader range (such as historical in other eras or women's fiction that's contemporary or crossover), whereas contemporary romance probably works best if you commit yourself to writing multiple books in that genre, perhaps set within the same setting or with some of the same characters.

Ultimately, I agree that you should pick what you enjoy writing more. And it certainly doesn't hurt to jot down notes in a file for other story ideas just to keep them in your pocket.