Interesting comments, and I thank you all for thrashing this out. I do believe it is combination of theft and rudeness since the kid showed intent by actively recording the pass code that was stamped on the router, and you have to pick it up and examine it to do that. No permission was given to touch any of the computer components. My sister also caught a comment from the kid to his mother that went something like "I got the code." But she didn't put two and two together, nor did I until after the fact.

I know it was a deliberate act now, but I'm not sure if the 12 year-old boy knew the exact implications of what he was doing. He might have thought that I had DSl unlimited, and that no harm would be done. Which wasn't the case. I had to explain to the both of them exactly how my system worked and the consequences for me. Their reaction was mute--non-responsive, as though they knew they goofed up and stepped on my hospitality.

They've been warned. No more. Get your own internet access.