This has been an interesting thread... entertaining and often offensive.

But it's also making me feel so very old...

I'm approaching 50, divorced, tried online dating recently. Things do change.

Of course, there are still the jerks who are really only looking for sex. You can pick them out pretty easily--the first thing they ask is, "How affectionate are you?"

Well, my response is probably the same as a lot of women's: With the right person, I can be pretty damn affectionate. But if that is really the only thing you think you need to know about me, then Sorry, Charlie. You are not the right person.

But far more of the men my age are facing their Golden Years alone. Never thought their marriage could fall apart, aren't particularly interested in figuring out why, just want a new Wife ASAP. Before they even ask you out for coffee, they're describing their house and their investments and assuring you how much their grandkids and dogs are going to love you...

I already have a full-time job, two teenagers who can't afford to leave home until they finish college, and an elderly mother with many health problems. Plus I still hope to be a published writer. The last thing I need is to get stuck taking care of some old codger with prostate problems. At this stage in life, I wouldn't mind a friend with benefits, but those are hard to find. I kind of miss the days when all guys wanted was sex...

So I guess this really is a young person's argument. But I do think quite a lot of the arguing has been about apples and oranges. On the one hand, yeah, some men really are just douchebags. They don't value women, don't value friendship with women, yet when they can't get laid they blame it on women who prefer "bad boys."

No. Women prefer men who treat us like people, not sexual objects. Plenty of "nice guys" spend too much time on the superficial stuff--opening doors, pulling out chairs, buying flowers--without ever actually taking the time to LISTEN. And if you look closely at "bad boy" charm, you often find the guy who seems to be hanging on your every word. That is such an attractive quality.

But there are also plenty of relationships that simply reach a stopping point. All relationships, friend or romance, need to keep growing. If they reach a point where it just can't go any farther, it will start to wither. And usually one person realizes that before the other. It can be very hard to get past that, whether or not sex is involved.