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Thread: Comic Book Teaser Trailers?

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    Lightbulb Comic Book Teaser Trailers?

    I was wondering if anyone has created a teaser trailer to market their Comic Book/Graphic Novel. Seems to be a good idea in regards to showing people what the book/series is all about using sample art and music. Just wondering if anyone has had success in this.
    K.N. Porter - My Monster Lover Blog

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    Arranger Of Disorder WriteKnight's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    30,000 light years from Galactic Central Point.
    We used teaser trailers to market "After Twilight". And right now, we have a ten minute video on the making of After Twilight - that basically tells the story of the journey from short film to graphic novel and now being pitched as a feature film.

    Trailers are good devices - but they have to be made WELL. A graphic novel is not a film. A film, is not a graphic novel. If you're animating panels of the GN - it's got to be done really well, or it will look like a bad film.

    Link should take you to the ten minute video.

    And this link should take you to the comic page. I believe the short trailer is on it. But more than that, there are promotional videos supporting the creation of the comic. "Behind the scenes" verite footage if you will. Gary and I are professional filmmakers - so we have the resources to make these sorts of things. Take that into account.

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    Holding out for a Superhero... Sheryl Nantus's Avatar
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    Best one I EVER saw was here.

    We put our money down, super fast splat!

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    Thank you for your insight. I am just looking to make a 30-45 second trailer using some art from the GN and music. Just to give the potential readers a look at what the story line is about.
    K.N. Porter - My Monster Lover Blog

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Nov 2012
    As a perspective reader, the trailer would have to be of a high quality for me to take notice. It would have to offer something beyond what I can get from reading the blurb and viewing the sample art elsewhere. Since it's visual, it will be judged primarily on its looks, so that's why its important it looks professional.

    WriteKnight's making of video is brilliant, I love that sort of stuff... however, I found his 3 and a half minute long trailer to be rather chaotic, long and directionless.

    The good thing about trailers is there's no rules. People tend to advocate a safe and reliable "formula" (just like with log lines, queries, etc), but in the end it just comes down to one thing... getting the viewers attention.

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    I agree Kingiam, I intend on keeping it short and try to make it as professional as possible. A trailer seems to get the message about the book or series out in a different media. Thanks for your response.
    K.N. Porter - My Monster Lover Blog

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Nov 2012

    Comic Book Trailer

    I have done a trailer for my comic book. It helped me get my Kickstarter project funded. I ended up creating several trailers for different goals.

    First and second video: see if people were interested
    third: testing a fight scene
    Forth: The trailer (created from combining the first and second video)
    Fifth: To get people to the Kickstarter campaign

    You can see all the videos at

    I personally created a motion comic using images from illustrator I animated in Flash and used Premiere for camera moves.

    -Jason Love

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    Great Trailers Jason. I have decided to go ahead and make a trailer for my upcoming Graphic Novel series. It is definitely recommended to have some sort of trailer when launching a kickstarter. Thanks everyone for the advice. I will definitely let you know when it's finished and I will post it.

    K.N. Porter - My Monster Lover Blog



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