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Thread: Itoh Press

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    Itoh Press

    I did a quick search on here and couldn't find anything. I recently came across them for submitting. Anyone got any news on them? They are a small ebook and print publisher in Kentucky.

    Itoh Press
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    Seems to be aimed pretty squarely at authors. That's a red flag. "It is our mission to give a voice to writers who find it difficult to break into the larger markets" - that's not really the mission statement of a publisher.

    Covers are amateurish. I had a peek into PORCELAIN PASSINGS: TALES OF THOSE WHO BID US FAREWELL FROM THE BATHROOM, by Carol Itoh, published by Itoh Press, partly out of a sense of bafflement. The insides are amateurishly laid-out and edited.

    Ms Itoh's dedication reads, in part:

    " Kevin Tetrick, my beloved cousin, who died under the bazaar circumstances that inspired this book." (My bold.)

    It's not the first place I'd send my work.

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    We are a small press based out of Kentucky, dedicated to quality work.
    This line makes my teeth squeaky.

    Print books will be available in trade paperback for purchase at Amazon and other retail sites.
    So, no physical store presence.

    Itoh Press does not charge any fees to the author! We are a royality paying publisher.

    I hate it when a publisher tries to sound legit by pointing out how legit they are.

    **Important News Flash**

    As of January 1, 2013 Itoh Press will no longer be offering contracts on printed books. We will be exclusively in the ebook market. For the authors with contracts do not fret, your books are safe and will be coming out in the usual printed format. This new policy is only for future books. If a book has proven to be successful in ebook form and an author wishing to take their work to print is an option that can be discussed.
    So, going ebook only. Hardly surprising - I looked some of their books up on Amazon and they list CreateSpace as the publisher - such as this book:

    Also, author having the same name as the press - and an unusual name at that, suggests that author is owner - this doesn't usually work out well.


    Itoh Press Submissions GuidelinesWe are currently accepting agented and non-agented submissions. We are open to new writers. Please follow our guidelines.

    Who we are:

    Itoh Press offers a wide variety of fiction with an emphasis on romantic elements. We prefer a positive outcome for the story. We primarily offer titles as ebooks and trade paperbacks. Itoh Press publishes novellas and full-length novels in the range of 20,000-140,000 words in length.
    A 'wide range' is never a good statement for a small press to make. It suggests that they don't have a focus or niche - not a good sign, usually means the owners don't really know what they are doing and are trying to cover all the possible bases rather than focus on what they know.

    Itoh Press does NOT pay advances at this time!
    Fair enough. But what are the royalty rates?

    Fiction Genres: romance, erotica (including BDSM), GBLT, fantasy, mystery, science fiction and speculative fiction, suspense, thriller, historical, young adult, contemporary, western, adventure, paranormal and supernatural, horror, humorous, and Non-fiction (query first).

    Holy shit that's a lot of genres for a small press. I would be very wary at this stage - I just don't see how the same small press can handle westerns and erotica - not to mention the other genres they publish. It's too much.

    We are particularly interested in:

    • Erotica
    • Paranormal and supernatural
    • GBLT
    • Romance
    • Young Adult
    • Steampunk
    • Novel length works (60,000 words and up).
    We are not interested in:

    • Short Stories
    • Short story collections or anthologies
    • Poetry
    • Religious genre fiction. Elements of spiritual beliefs within a story are welcome; however, we do not publish books aimed for a specific religious group of readers.
    • We do not want stories portraying rape, pedophilia or other crimes in a positive light.
    Still seems a bit vague to me.

    How to submit to Eternal Press:

    Submit a cover letter in the body of the email that contains the following:

    • Genre
    • Word Count
    • Brief synopsis
    • A short biography
    • Your marketing plan, should we accept your manuscript for publication. We expect our authors to be active in the marketing of their titles alongside our efforts.
    Marketing plan? Hmmm. I know that it's become more common in small presses, but it always makes me wary - it suggests that the publisher doesn't really know what they are doing. And the vast range of genres would back this up.

    Although we like to encourage open, free and creative expression, do let us know whether the piece contains any questionable content. We may put disclaimers about content if it could potentially disturb our reader, so do let us know in advance. For instance, we allow rape under certain circumstances, but it should not be meant to titillate. Writing about child abuse is one thing, but we aren’t interested in seeing the acts described in detail. Itoh Press is also interested in stories with a happy ending.

    Fair enough I suppose. I've seen similar guidelines elsewhere.

    Itoh Press pays 40% royalties on net revenue to the Author for eBooks and 25% net on revenue for print. We hold all rights for five (5) years from date of publication. We do not pay advances. Rights requested are worldwide for ebooks and US, Canada, Australian, and UK print rights.
    40% for ebook is common enough. 25% for print is very high, but they seem to be working with a POD model, and so the books will be priced higher too, but believe me, that 25% is going to be a pretty small amount - the book I listed above is published by CreateSpace, so there's going to be a very small profit on it as it is.

    If we accept your manuscript for publication, we will supply you with specific formatting guidelines. You must be able to edit with a track changes feature (Microsoft word has this).

    So the author is formatting the book for them? That's never going to be a good idea.

    *Note: Some online retailers will ask for a different rating when we sell through them.

    Our books are available in many formats through Fictionwise, Amazon, CoffeeTime Romance, All Romance eBooks, Amazon Digital, Kobo, Itunes, Blio, Content Reserve and more. The list is continually growing as LSI distributes eBooks to many other retailers like Chapters/Indigo, Borders, Books on Board, eBook Mall, book expos, and foreign Libraries. LSI print distribution includes US, Canada, UK, and Australia.
    No store presence.

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ******************************
    Writer’s Guide to Understanding the Process for Publishing Your Book

    1. After your manuscript has been accepted for publication you will present a clean copy to the editor to be edited. This means using no auto-formatting (headers, footers, tabs, bullets, etc.) in your document. Spell check and grammar check to make sure your copy is as error free as possible before it goes to the editor.

    Fair enough I suppose.

    2. You will receive your manuscript with the editor’s changes and suggestions. These are not criticisms; they are professional constructive advice meant to help you polish your material.

    And what experience do their editors have?

    3. You will then accept or reject the changes or suggestions the editor has made. If you reject the editor’s suggestions then you must discuss with Ms. Itoh on whether the manuscript will move forward with publication.

    Soooo, basically this comes across as a veiled threat - if you don't agree with us then we'll not publish your book.

    No word either on whether Ms Itoh has any editing experience. It also doesn't list her on the author page - although her book is listed in the catalog. That smells a bit funny to me - it's like they don't want to be open about it.

    4. You must read and review your final manuscript, carefully making sure you are happy with it and ready for it to be published.

    5. You will email the final version of your manuscript to Carol Itoh. Please Cc a copy to the editor, too. You must write FINAL VERSION OF MS AND DATE in the subject heading of the email. This final version will be published. Any errors in the book at this point are your responsibility, not the editor’s or the publisher’s.
    Bolding mine. Suggests that no one will even look at your book once you hand it in. Doesn't sound good.

    8. Lately we have experienced several issues with formatting once the books have gone to print. One of the things we discovered while trying to solve the problem was that some writers had used headers, footers, their tab button to indent, and a few other auto format techniques on their manuscripts. These are basically invisible to us and we have no idea they are there. However when the graphics designer formats your document over this and it goes to print this can cause printing problems. This will leave the book looking off and the formatting will look amateurish. In the future if we discover the issue for your book problems was auto format we will not cover the cost of re-loading your book to correct this issue. So make sure you submit a clean manuscript.

    This is an easy problem to fix, it takes two buttons to do it in Word and gives you a plain, unformatted piece of text to work from. I'm surprised their 'graphics designer' doesn't know how to do this.

    Some of the distributors LSI uses:

    Make of that what you will.

    Vision Statement

    Itoh Press is proud to welcome to you, we are a company that offers professional publishing with a personal touch! Together we have planted the book publishing seed and with great enthusiasm have launched this fine company to aspiring authors who have dreams and aspirations of turning their manuscripts into masterpieces.

    Although based in Bowling Green, KY, our authors are coming from all over the globe and embracing this opportunity with both hands and are able to share their untold stories worldwide.

    All projects that come to Itoh Press are thoroughly screened and evaluated before acceptance and are professionally edited and enhanced by our graphic design department. We are proud of our authors, who have incorporated meticulous research and a passion for writing that shows how they care for their readership.

    We welcome you to go on the grand tour of our Web site and take the first step in turning your manuscript into a masterpiece.

    Very much geared towards the writer and not the reader.

    Honestly, I had a look at the books they publish and there doesn't seem to be any sort of consistancy. The covers vary, but most are pretty dire to be honest.

    There is absolutely NO information about the owners, and although I now have a name, I can't really be bothered to go out hunting for info on her - because an author shouldn't have to do that, the info should be available on the site.

    It also says on it's 'policies' page that they aren't responsible for any errors which appear on their website. Hmmmm.

    Edited to add: they have a list of folks who work for them on the 'contact' page -

    But no info or bios at all.
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    From the Itoh Press website:



    Less than three months ago, Earl Lowell "Robbie" Robbins, Jr., aka "No SWEAT," Richmond, Kentucky, formerly from Irvine and Ravenna, Kentucky, HS class of '69, EKU, '73, signed a contract with OLD SEVENTY CREEK PRESS giving the the rights to publish and release his first novel, THESE PRECIOUS DAYS. That book is now available through, Barnes and Noble. Today, "No Sweat" signed a new contract with ITOH PRESS giving the the rights to publish and release his second novel, NEFARIOUS. According to No Sweat, NEFARIOUS should be on the market across the USA and Europe sometime this year.
    "I went for over thirty years and could not find a publisher that was willing to invest in my work," stated Robbins. "I had more than a thousand rejections. And now, in less than 100 days, I've been able to sell two different novels to two different publishers.If all goes well my other five finished novels will eventually find publishers. The only request I made in this new contract was that I got to keep my pen name, No Sweat. NEFARIOUS will be sent to the 2013 Pulitzer Committee in New York. The fact that I will have two different novels before the 2013 Pulitzer Committee feels good...

    Sounds impressive, but who's doing the nominating?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliceshortcake View Post
    From the Itoh Press website:

    Sounds impressive, but who's doing the nominating?[/LEFT]

    You can enter your own book for a Pulitzer.
    TORCHWOOD - where the slash is canon

    Yes, I read Twilight. Yes, I hate it. No, I don't have to give you a reason why.

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    For a $50 entry fee, anyone can enter.

    This M/M space opera
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    As of Dec '15, front page reads:

    We are saddened to announce that Itoh Press has closed for business. If you have any publishing needs please proceed to Babylon Press.
    From her bio at Babylon Press/Believe Publications (

    Carol was the former CEO of Itoh Press and Pink Ink Productions which she closed upon her retirement. ... [She] serves as a consultant for Babylon Press and Believe Publications.

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