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Thread: [Coaching] Author of Change / CopyWright Communications

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    [Coaching] Author of Change / CopyWright Communications

    This arrived in my email, surrounded by a standard fake-parchment "award" border. Note the many paragraphs of empty praise and pop-culture motivational-speak before the filthy lucre comes into play:

    (Gold sunburst with hidden text reading "Soul Odyssey Media Award)

    Certificate of Achievement

    You as an Author of Change

    The average book today sells 250-500 copies per year and 3,000 copies in its lifetime. With those types of sales, it's hard to have an impact, influence people, create a movement, or instigate change on any level--personal, organizational, global.

    Yet, some authors manage to have a huge impact. They build large communities around themselves, their work, their causes, and, therefore, inspire change in many people. And they sell more than the average number of books.

    We call these writers Authors of Change. You can become an Author of Change, too.

    You are a member of this list because you have identified yourself as being an author. But it takes more than just having a great idea or being a good writer to author change. To become an Author of Change, you also must be willing to be:
    • a leader
    • a change agent
    • a promoter
    • an inspirer
    • a problem solver
    • a businessperson
    If you lack any of these qualities, you must either create a team to help you or you must embark on a path of change yourself first; you must author change in your own life so you embody the qualities of an Author of Change. Then you can author change in the lives of others.

    The world, indeed, needs change. And everyone has something of value to offer--including you. Even if you author a short booklet or ebook--or a blog--your passionate, authentic, inspiring message that moves people to action can make a difference. If you feel it is your purpose or your mission to make a difference in the world, and if you want to do so with your written words, we encourage you to consider getting your message out now.
    • Start a blog.
    • Send out a query letter for an inspirational article.
    • Compose an essay and submit it to a magazine.
    • Submit an op ed piece to your local newspaper.
    And if you are really serious and want to be one of those people who has true impact, who can author change on a wide scale, consider authoring a book about change.
    Don't wait. Do it now. The world needs Authors of Change.

    And join us for the Author of Change Transformational(ACT) Coaching Program . Transform yourself into the type of author that can change the world one book at a time. But don't wait too long to register...We have only room for 20 participants.

    Take advantage of our early bird special to save $50. Plus, if you register now, you can help mold the content of the course. If you want to find out more about the program or register,click here.

    The program consists of the Three ACT Steps. These 3 Steps transform you into an Author of Change by helping you prepare to become a a change agent and to inspire others to change as well. Each step corresponds with one of the three months of the program. For each step you will end up with one or more ACT plans.

    I. Author of Change in Your Life

    In this module you will go through a self-assessment process to discover how you want or need to change so you can inspire others. You will evaluate yourself for success as an Author of Change. This module is also appropriate if you simply want to create personal change in your own life so you can more effectively help others do the same.

    ACT Plan:

    • 3 ways to better deal with change
    • 3 ways to create personal change
    • 3 ways to create professional change
    • 3 ways to create spiritual change
    • 4 ways to become a change agent
    II. Author of Change in the World

    This module focuses on how you can take your message out into the world effectively. It asks you to think outside the box and consider creative modes of communicating and spreading your message and to begin using social media to inspire change. You are asked to transform yourself into a leader, a community builder and a communicator in a variety of ways.

    ACT Plan:

    • 3 ways to communicate more effectively or comfortably
    • 3 creative ways to communicate your message
    • 3 ways to use social media to inspire change
    • 3 ways to build community
    III. Author of a Change-Inspiring Book

    This module focuses on authoring a life changing, world changing book. You will learn how to evaluate your book for success from idea to full content plan. You will put together a business plan for your book that can be used for self-publishing or for a book proposal, if you want to pursue traditional publishing. You will explore ways to get your book written quickly and effectively.

    ACT Plan:

    • develop a content plan
    • develop a writing plan
    • develop a business plan or book proposal
    The 3-month long ACT Coaching Program is set up to allow you to register at two different levels:


    • 2 90-minute webinars per month including Q& A
    • 4 assignments per month (1 per week)
    • A private Facebook page for participants

    • 2 90-minute webinars per month with Q & A
    • 4 assignments per month (1 per week)
    • A private Facebook page for participants
    • 2 half hour private coaching sessions
    • 1 platform/community-building teleseminar with workbook
    Here is the
    cost difference
    (and early bird discounts) for each level:

    Early Bird II (through November 30): $297
    Regular (starting December 1): $347

    Early Bird II (through November 30): $447
    Regular (starting December 1): $497

    To register now, click here.
    We are so excited to begin this program! We hope you will join us.We hope to help you write books and become authors who inspire the change the world needs.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact either one of us by using the email addresses below. For more information on the program, please visit the website.

    Best wishes,
    Nina Amir and Deborah Levine Herman

    Writers, Agents and Editors Network
    Their website: CopyWright Communications

    The opening paragraphs of the owners' bios, complete with Important Capitalizations, vague successful-sounding phrases, and hints that your deity of choice is on their side (and could be on yours, too, if you join up!):

    Nina Amir, Inspiration-to-Creation Coach, inspires people to combine their purpose and passion so they Achieve More Inspired Results. She motivates writers and non-writers to create publishable and published products and careers as authors as well as to achieve their goals, fulfill their purpose and live inspired lives.
    Deborah Levine Herman is a twenty year veteran literary agent whose forte has been in selecting and developing projects for the Jeff Herman Literary Agency. The author of ten non-fiction books, Herman is one of the foremost experts on spiritual writing and publishing. One of her books "Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication," written in 2002 and now being revised for the digital age, heralded the explosion in the transformational mind/body genre. Herman is also in the process of completing “Deborah Herman’s Guide to Spiritual Writing and Publishing: for those who are called and wish to be published.
    I hope that they get some money in their budget for capitalization and punctuation, because their website is lacking in those essentials. And yes, editing is among their dizzying array of offered services.
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    Shakespearean Fool DreamWeaver's Avatar
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    I guess while some may feel "called and wish to be published," not all feel called or wish to be punctuated, properly capitalized, or even grammatized.

    But then, I have a friend who proofreads a spiritual magazine, and from her stories trying to keep the editors in tune with standard English usage is like trying to herd the proverbial cats.
    Why doesn't George R. R. Martin use Twitter? He already killed off all 140 characters.

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    Wilde about Oscar aliceshortcake's Avatar
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    I heartily loathe this New Agey feelgood slop because it's contributed so much to the entitled, I'm-a-special-little-snowflake mindset. Whenever I have to walk through the MBS section of a bookshop I try to avoid looking at the shelves.

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    Writer Beware Goddess Absolute Sage victoriastrauss's Avatar
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    The average book today sells 250-500 copies per year and 3,000 copies in its lifetime.

    You often see statistics like this--often from people who want to sell something--but they are misleading, because they conflate commercially published and self-published books. If you look just at commercial publishing, the figures are much higher.

    Writers, Agents, and Editors Network is a weird social media-ish thing founded by Jeff Herman (an established NF agent). It's been around a while but doesn't seem to have really gotten off the ground. I've received a couple of spammish solicitations to join.

    - Victoria

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    This will all make sense tomorrow
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    Authoring. What an awesome word, should be used more often in day to day communication.

    Man, I'm such a sucker for brochures with Important Capitalisations. Not to mention waffly, vague promises. How will I resist this?
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    Doesn't Jeff Herman put out the Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers and Literary Agents?
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    Who wants to be an 'Author of Change'? I thought the idea was to become an 'Author with Banknotes'?

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    Always writing AW Moderator Calla Lily's Avatar
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    And fame. A little fame would be nice.
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    CopyWright Communications URL began redirecting to Nina's main site ( mid-'15, and has now expired. Author of Change still listed among her coaching/mentoring programs and services.

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