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Thread: [Publisher] Unboxed Books

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    [Publisher] Unboxed Books

    I belong to a Facebook playwrights group and someone posted this link there today "for those that write in other mediums:"

    While I'm delighted there's another potential publisher out there, a bunch of alarm bells went off when I was reading the site. Since the website states that the contest prize is funded by deGroot Foundation in association with Provincetown Arts, I am going to assume the steep $35 entry fees will be going into the publisher's kitty to assist with startup costs. That alone makes me anxious. Any thoughts?
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    Appears to be a Wordpress blog.

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    Considering the prize ($5k plus publication), the entry fee is a little high but not totally outrageous. Provincetown Arts Magazine has apparently been around since 1985, so it's not exactly a startup, and I didn't see any immediate red flags on a google for Provincetown Arts Press. So I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand, but do further checking here and Predators and Editors, etc.
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