Wow. Lots more to think about. Despite thinking I had a course of action, I still haven't released any of the new femdom stories. Now I'm swinging back toward one pen name. I've got some paranormal erotica in the works and I'm realizing that my writing tastes are broader than I realized, so maybe I should embrace that. My covers and titles make the subject obvious, so I'd have stay vigilant.

My beta said to use the same name for the femdom because he likes the plots. OTOH he also suggested "adding in just one little scene for normal people, where the guy is in charge." Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I realized that his comment sums up the problem w/r/t reader expectations. He always knows what kind of story I'm sending. OTOOH, he probably wouldn't buy the femdom stories. OTOOOH (I'm an octopus), maybe he would, not understanding they wouldn't be, um, as satisfying for him.

They need to be on sale for the e-reader holiday rush, so I'll have to commit to a decision in the next week or two.

I know how irritating it is when someone begs for advice, gets excellent suggestions and then goes and acts like an idiot anyway. But you are all making such good points, and I am a cephalopod after all.