Our utility took out a full page ad, yesterday, congratulating themselves for a job well done??? Excuse me! Not everyone's got their power fully restored...assholes. I'm contemplating making a dartboard out of it for the neighborhood to play w/.

Not to mention, they were out on the street today doing what, God only knows. There's dead wires dangling all over the place and in people's yards. Wondering who's going to clean that up?

Talked to a friend of mine, at the beach this am, they're having a new furnace put in, new washer/dryer delivered, too. Forget all the stuff in the garage that was ruined, and the basement, they're just happy they've got a house left. They're moving back in on Monday or Tuesday.

Talked to another friend who had to move a boat down to Fla for the winter. He had to hire extra guys just to push house parts out of the way while they made their way through Hell's Gate. Roofs, attics, floating beams and the like...can't even fathom it. So many parts of people's lives, out there, floating around. That's the kind of stuff that makes you grateful.

Just wish FEMA would get their collective asses in gear and help all those thousands of people who are in such dire need. Parts of our government really suck. They're supposed to be there when disasters happen. I'm fairly sure this counts as one.