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It doesn't require restriction so much as FedGov no longer guaranteeing homes built in dangerous locations with flood insurance.
Bah. A large percentage of people don't give a rat's about flood insurance until they get hit with the need for it, at which time they get all beggy and angry about how the government won't bail them out. We have exactly that situation up here in south-central Alaska, along the flats of the Matanuska River, which meanders and erodes laterally, taking land and sometimes houses in its wake. The land is cheap, and people continue to buy property and build houses on it, and nobody stops them, or even warns them of the hazard.

The Sandy destruction is a clear example of where governmental oversight and restriction on rebuilding is needed. Otherwise, it will once again come down to your and my tax money to fix. There will be other big storms in this region. Building dwellings on sand spits and barrier islands is stupid. Re-building after such destruction is idiotic.

Wanna bet me it doesn't happen?