Hot on the heels of Theresa Oliver's Write More Publications comes another new publishing house started by a Firefly and Wisp author. Were it not for an announcement on the F&W blog I wouldn't have known that Tina Carreira was the owner of Time and Tide:

Ms Carreira, whose debut novel Power of the Moon was originally going to be published by F&W but has just been released by Time and Tide, is currently the only author on a rather sparse website. There's no mention of the fact that Carreira owns the company.

Time and Tide Publishing is an exclusive, boutique publisher of multi genre fiction. Our focus is to create great books with quality editing, exciting, and sharp covers and a marketing plan to support our authors’ growth.
I hope this statement isn't a sample of what the quality editing will be like!

I'm confused by T&T's use of the phrase 'multi genre fiction'. The banner on their home page invites us to "enter a world of fantasy...romance." There are two lines, the standard:

We are seeking well-developed romantic storylines with strong plots, explosive chemistry, unforgettable characters, and layers of delicious conflict and emotion.
...and the Touch line:

Since we base our sensual and erotic romances on storylines, we are not looking for straight-out porn ( i.e., no ‘Dear Penthouse’ letters, other taboo subjects or illegal acts.) We reserve the right to refuse submissions based on other subjects we deem inappropriate.

*Time and Tide’s Touch line is for erotic romances. For all other genre romances, please submit through the standard guidelines.
So in plain English, T&T specialize in one genre.

There's nothing about the marketing plan either, although I suspect that the authors will be doing most of the hard work:

We are actively seeking talented writers, unpublished or established, who are not only eager to have their work read, but also eager to promote their work and build their community of readers.