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Thread: Lucky Marble Books / PageSpring Publishing

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    Lucky Marble Books / PageSpring Publishing

    Anyone out there ever hear of Lucky Marble Books, an imprint of PageSprings Publishing? My search of AW, P&E, and Google did not reveal any information. LMB bills itself as a royalty-paying book publisher, established in 2012, that offers a small advance to authors. As far as I can tell, LMB has not published anything yet but is collecting manuscripts and preparing to do so. I think my novel might be of interest to LMB, but I'd like to know more about them before even making a query...

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    I think you mean, Lucky Marble Books, an imprint of Page Springs Publishing out of Atlanta Georgia.

    Here is LMB's website...

    Here is what Duotrope has on Lucky Marble books...

    Lucky Marble Books is an imprint of PageSpring Publishing dedicated to Young Adult and Middle Grade readers. All selections are designed to be “education friendly.” Each Middle Grade title offers a rewarding reading experience while avoiding inappropriate language or graphic scenes that would make a book unsuitable for reading lists, classrooms, or school libraries. Our Young Adult titles provide intriguing, age-appropriate content without sensationalism.

    All submissions go through pagespringspublishing. As to the small royalty they pay, so does Publish America, $1.

    All in all, they look to be a new imprint of pagesprings and have no record of sales - as of yet. I suggest waiting a bit to see how they operate...
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    Yeah, I would definitely wait and see. They don't even have covers for you to look at, you really don't know what type of quality the book will look like. They do sound enticing though, saying the books will be for classroom and library use and you get an advance.

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    practical experience, FTW Gondomir's Avatar
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    Thanks Thothguard51 & Undercover for your advice--

    I think I'm going to at least query if no one comes up with anything suspicious. If I get an offer to publish, it will be interesting to see how their contract reads.

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    Link to parent:

    Only two books for Lucky Marble, from '13. Recent activity split between PageSpring and other imprint, Cup of Tea Books:

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