I only recently heard about "head hopping", which made me wonder about a certain point of view I want to write from. In an upcoming project, I hope to write in third person limited/intimate, but have the POV occasionally shift to a different character when a new scene starts up. Is this a bad thing?

A perfect example I can think of is Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments. Regardless of what some may think of the writing, I really like the POV. You'll be in one character's head for one scene, then in another's the next. (Generally you're always in the main character's head, but still, it jumps around from time to time. I should also say for anyone that hasn't read these books that it's always very clear when she's shifting POVs.)

I'm hoping to write in a similar point of view for my next book, but my concern is that it might be considered head-hopping.

Sticking with the example, does that sound at all like head hopping? Not at bit? Somewhat?

I appreciate any and all feedback!