Yes. That's right. -rant on-

As we all know, getting the mail is a very simple task. I mean, you open the door, you walk out to the mailbox, you retrieve the mail, and walk back inside. RIGHT? I mean, even if it IS 9 at night and they're only getting it because they were too lazy to earlier--isn't it in some kind of unwritten law that people SHOULD be allowed to get their MAIL without any PROBLEMS?

NO. Because men are, as I mentioned earlier, STUPID DISGUSTING PIGS, I cannot walk out and simply get my mail like a normal person. I would really like to make a short story even shorter and leave and start punching things but I must, remain, calm.

You know, I thought we lived in a nice neighborhood. Other than the whole having to have large boulders in front of your mailboxs so people don't run them over, its alright. But, no, apparently its not. Apparently its inhabited by stupid disgusting PIGS.

See, when I go out and do something simple like GET MY MAIL which I just did all of 5 seconds ago---I'm confronted by a stupid disgusting pig. Actually, I wasn't confronted. In fact, the only contact I had with these stupid disgusting pigs is feeling a stupid digusting pig hand grab my friggen a$$ and turning around to see some stupiud disgusting sprinting away from me.

Twice today. Twice. Men are stupid disgusting pigs and I MUST calm down before someone has to die.

Rant off.