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Thread: Anachron Press

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    Anachron Press

    Ran across these guys when browsing the weekly Duotrope mail this morning, and couldn't find them in the index here so figured I'd add them:

    Anachron Press is an independent publisher based in the UK specialising in genre fiction including: fantasy, science fiction, horror, thrillers and weird. We publish short stories, novels and anthologies.
    It looks like they got started early this year (I could be wrong about that; I'm guessing based on book release dates), and they have some of the common fledgling-publisher issues -- the "about" page doesn't list names or discuss experience, and they mention putting authors first; it looks like they only have online retailer/POD availability; the guy who appears to be in charge is also publishing his own fiction. None of it utterly deal-breaking, but a lot of wait-and-see material.

    Anybody have other observations/experience to add?

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    Yo these guys got some sexy book covers, me like. Kinda strange site layout, but it's pleasing to the eye. They look to be catering more towards customers than anything else, so that's a plus. Just from a quick, 1 minute look they seem nice.

    They again when have I ever been a good judge of anything?

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    Hi all,

    I saw this pop up in my google alerts and just wanted to say hello. I've taken on board what you were saying, Laylah, with regards to the about page and have updated it with the names of the people who work on the various Anachron Press projects.

    We are a tiny outfit, mostly focussing on anthologies at the moment. We have a strategic partnership with another new small press called Fox Spirit and have some exciting plans next year to open submissions for novellas.

    Anachron was initially setup to produce a print and ebook of my shared world project 'City of Hell Chronicles' with 7 other authors. It seemed to be reasonably well received so we decided to expand into other anthologies and collections.

    The owner/editor Colin F. Barnes (me) has self-published a short story 'Dark Metaphor' and will be publishing a trilogy of books 'The Techxorcist' through Anachron Press, but the focus is on other authors and isn't just a self-publishing vehicle. I actually publish most of my fiction through other publishers and will continue to seek 3rd party publishing ahead of self-pub.

    We're currently open for our last anthology this year 'Urban Occult', and will hopefully announce new projects in the new year, including a pulp line and the previously mentioned set of novellas.

    I'm more than happy to answer any questions anyone might have on Anachron.


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    Thanks for stopping by, Colin, and for sharing this information with us. I found you in the first place because the Urban Occult anthology call sounded cool, so I hope things go well for you -- it sounds like you're looking to publish some neat stuff.

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    These guys have cool covers. Anyone have any experience writing for them?
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    Press page is 404 on his home site. Last pub '14. Last not by him, '13.

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