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Thread: NEW GUIDELINES: Please read before posting.

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    NEW GUIDELINES: Please read before posting.

    September 27, 2012 (Update July 3, 2014)

    We have a new name, y'all! The forum is now Announcements, Events, and Book Promotion.

    The Announcements, Events, and Book Promotion forum is for active community members to post press releases, events, and marketing announcements publicizing their own published work.

    Please note: As of January 2013, AE&BP has a minimum post count requirement for creating new threads. Fifty (50) substantive posts are required in order to start your own thread in the forum. Members with less than 50 substantive posts may comment in existing threads, but may not create a new thread until that 50-post requirement is met. This requirement is meant as a deterrent to drive-by posters who wish only to take from the community rather than participating as an active community member. New members who "dash for the fifty" with posts that do not engage in discussions but are meant only to circumvent this requirement may see a number of their posts deleted until such time as active participation in the community is established.

    Exceptions to active participation in the community exists for editors' Calls for Submission and non AW-sponsored contest announcements, which are permitted on AbsoluteWrite.

    Calls for Submission should be posted in either Paying Markets or Non Paying Markets.

    Non AW-sponsored Writing Contest Announcements (contests originating elseweb) may be placed in the Writing Contests, Elseweb subforum of the AW Contests and Projects Room.

    If posted here, your Call for Submission or writing contest announcement will be moved to the appropriate forum for your market or contest announcement; it will not be deleted as spam. NOTE: Please be advised, however, posts that do not meet the criteria detailed above and are made only in order to drive traffic to those sites will be deleted.

    What "Announcements, Events, and Book Promotion" means:

    Announcements are news items dealing with the publishing, review, release, or other media mention of your novel, article, short story, poem, etc. Go ahead and preen. We’re thrilled by your success and want to celebrate with you.

    Events are special events such as book signings, book giveaways, or other media promotions related to your release.

    Book Promotion is personal promotion of your writing. If you don’t have a press release or review to share, you may still tell us the good news of your book or story’s release. Yes, you may also post a link to your book trailer in your book’s thread.

    Special note: All announcements, events, and book promotion posts should be located in one dedicated thread for each release. Example: Everything related to “Dinner With Uncle Fred” should be in one thread. It’s tidier and helps your audience to know where to find all the information on your release.

    To get the most out of your headline, it should start with your release title, then your news:

    DINNER WITH UNCLE FRED: Free on Amazon for a Limited Time


    DINNER WITH UNCLE FRED: Release Date 12/18/2012

    You get the idea. Further news of your release can be shared in the same thread by adding a subtitle to each new post by clicking the “Go Advanced” button below the posting text box.

    The Writing-Related Services Promotion sticky thread has been discontinued. Links to your writing-related services websites such as freelance editing are permitted within signatures and profiles only. If you are unsure whether your writing-related service qualifies for linking in your profile and signature, please ask your friendly neighborhood AE&BP mod or forum administration.

    The Writers’ Websites sticky thread has been discontinued. The site has grown since the sticky was created and members are able to link to their sites in their profiles and signatures. Do also let us know about your blog in Blogging & Social Networking, though. Community members are more likely to look for your blog there.

    The new sub-forum Conference and Workshop Announcements is for announcing conference and workshop registration and event dates for writers' conferences and workshops. Conference dates should also be added to the AW calendar. If you prefer, you may contact your friendly neighborhood mod to do that for you. Just drop me a quick PM with your conference title and date(s).

    How Announcements, Events, and Book Promotion Differs from Goals & Accomplishments:

    It’s an easy distinction, really. The Announcements, Events and Book Promotion forum is for news of your release. You’re published or about to be and there’s glorious NEWS to be shared.

    The Goals & Accomplishments forum is where you post that you're meeting the writing goals you’ve set for yourself and share tips on how you’re doing it; i.e., you’ve completed your first draft, or signed with an agent, or sold your book or story. Note: Once you have a publication date and further announcements on the release, please do make your announcement(s) here in Announcements, Events and Book Promotion.

    How Announcements, Events, and Book Promotion Differs from Blogging & Social Networking:

    Another easy distinction. The Announcements, Events and Book Promotion forum may be used to let the community know you and your work are being highlighted on someone else’s blog or website, such as a review blog.

    The Blogging & Social Networking forum is the place to post news and special events being highlighted on your own blog.

    Posting Images:

    You may post images and links to your book(s) provided that you don't hotlink to the images. If you're unsure what hotlinking or inline linking is, please read the FAQ on images before posting them.


    Please don't spam us. We really can tell the difference. If you aren’t sure what might be considered spam, here are a few tips to guide you on your way:

    • Don’t make this forum your first or only stop at AbsoluteWrite Forums. If it’s your first stop, you won’t make the impression you hope to. It’s poor sales strategy to start selling before you introduce yourself; no one likes to do business with someone they don’t know. It’s also bad manners. Make our New Members Forum your first stop and introduce yourself. You may mention your writing-related service in your introduction there, but don’t post your whole sales spiel there. The community wants to know who you are. This is the forum for self-promotion.

    If this is your only* stop at AbsoluteWrite Forums and you haven’t taken the time to introduce yourself and participate in the community, your post(s) will be considered spam and will be deleted. Yes, having your promotional posts deleted as spam is another bad sales strategy; and if we see you elseweb we will remember the bad impression you made here.

    *Again, an exception is made for editors' calls for submission, contest announcements, calls for submission for new anthologies, etc., which are permitted by board policy and not considered spam. Your post will be moved to the appropriate Markets forum; it will not be deleted as spam.

    • Do not promote your or anyone else’s writing-related forum or message board here. Don’t try to harvest members; increase your membership the old fashioned way—build a quality forum or message board. That’s what we did, and it works.

    • If your post isn’t related to marketing your own published writing (book and short story releases, articles, etc.), it’s spam. We will delete it with extreme prejudice.

    We look forward to getting to know you and letting you get to know us through your participation in the community.

    If you have questions, please let us know. We want to help you make your every promotional effort here a success.


    AbsoluteWrite is a privately owned site and we reserve the right to refuse posting rights to anyone.

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