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Thread: [Magazine] Whitefish Review

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    [Magazine] Whitefish Review

    Full disclosure: My husband's good friend, Adam Blue, is the managing arts editor, but I have no other connection with the magazine

    Whitefish Review is a non-profit literary journal (both fiction and non-fiction) out of Whitefish, Montana, focusing on mountain life, art, culture, and photography. They opened in 2007.
    It looks like a tidy, good magazine -- I've checked out a couple of issues.

    They are currently open for subs -- 8/15 to 10/15 for their first annual Montana Prize for Fiction. The theme is Beneath the Surface. $1000 prize and publication in the mag. The contest will be judged by Rick Bass.
    There is a $15 fee for entry.
    While I'm not a fan of fee charging contests, Glimmer Train also charges for their contest entries so, well, there it is.
    Regular submissions are fee-free.

    I spoke with Editor Brian Schott this morning. He's very open and approachable, and he said the mag pays out for regular (non-contest) accepted subs $10 per printed page (open for negotiation) and takes first North American printed rights.

    I'm not quite sure how that would actually pan out, and as a writer subbing to them I'd ask a few more questions.

    But for anyone who writes the above mentioned genres, there ya go.
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    As of Jan '15, $3 Submittable fee for regular subs.

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