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When I was a high school basketball player, we played a game in which we got behind 14-0 in the first five minutes. We spent the entire rest of that game clawing and scratching to catch up, and did in the final minute tie the score. At the very last tick of the clock, an egregiously bad foul call was made that sent one of the opposing team to the free-throw line with no time left. He missed the first free throw, but made the second, and the game was over.

We were all furious. The call was as bad as any I've ever seen; the "fouled" player wasn't even touched by anybody. We growled our way back to the locker room, started throwing things around, etc.

The coach called us all together, made us sit down on benches, and told us: "We didn't lose that game because of the bad call at the end. We lost it in the first five minutes."

The 49ers didn't lose the game on a questionable call at the end. They lost it because they played a horrible first half, committed three turnovers to the Ravens' one, and allowed the longest kick runback in Superbowl history at the start of the second half, letting Ravens returner Jacoby Jones run untouched 108 yards. A horrible play on pass defense earlier allowed Jones to make a great catch, get up and run into the end zone for another Ravens touchdown.

The 49ers deserve admiration for getting back into the game and having a shot at the very end, but if they'd played better in the first 30 minutes and 11 seconds, they wouldn't have had to worry about officiating at the end.

Oh, and Jacoby Jones, not Joe Flacco, should have been MVP. That's not a knock on Flacco, who played great and now established his image among the true elite QBs in the league. But Jones made the two game-changing plays. The ball he caught for the touchdown was one of Flacco's worst throws of the day.

It wasn't really a bad throw, though. He threw the ball on the run but most importantly, he looked to already have started running before he saw Jones, so it wasn't like he was able to use the running as a way of stepping into that throw. That throw was ONLY arm, and went 55 yards. Though since Jones was so open, he should've taken an extra half second to put his body into it, but then again he was probably afraid of getting hit from behind.

Another thing that's not being mentioned is that everyone is going on about how Boldin was so incredible, which he was, but on the drive the Ravens got a 3 and out then a terrible punt and big return before the Gore touchdown, Flacco threw a perfect pass to Boldin that would've been over 50 yards, but Boldin dropped it. If he catches that, the Ravens probably win 45-20 or something. There's a big difference between giving up 2 touchdowns in a few minutes, and responding to a touchdown with a 50+ yard pass.

Thank goodness they won anyways.