Thanks so much for the response Jmasica... great info!

i haven't checked this thread in a while... stoked.

yeah, i got stuck trying to find info on formatting & platforms, etc... guess it's just in the making now...

i'm looking into the iPad as the main platform with ePub format. i'm in the process of converting pdf to epub with calibre, but having some issues on the converting as it misplaces the text... but i think i'll re-send out the pdf
s from photoshop as a flattened image... & see then..

(haven't figured out the quote thing) ha
you said...

That being said. If you would like, I have the template and instructions saved on my computer for my future projects. I would be willing to share with anyone that wants them. Just keep in mind, that it isn't the easiest thing in the world.

yeah! would be sweet to a a template to check out & see what can happen as i'd take my time with kindle for now...
can send you my email address?