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Thread: Fuze Publishing

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    Always curious. juniper's Avatar
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    Fuze Publishing

    I looked but didn't see a thread on Fuze.

    From their website homepage:

    Fuze Publishing is a boutique press committed to the belief that well-crafted storytelling crosses cultures, political contexts, and international borders, and has the power to educate and change.
    Founded in 2009 in McLean, Virginia, Fuze already has established a reputation for books with “intelligence, wit, and style.” Our list spans a range of genres, from mysteries to memoirs, but all our titles share a common mission: to promote understanding in a diverse world while providing a lively reading experience.

    At Fuze we are continually seeking long-term partnerships with new and established writers whose careers we can develop and whose talent we can promote. We bring careful, strategic expertise and management to each project, skillfully shepherding the final manuscript to major book publicity.

    One of their co-founders (and authors), Molly Best Tinsley, was a presenter at the Willamette Writers Conference yesterday. In one of the small classrooms but well-attended, she spoke about writing good dialogue and used Hemingway's short story "Hills Like White Elephants" for the example.

    Their website doesn't list any staff other than marketing/pr, Meg Tinsley.

    She said Barnes & Noble refuses to carry their books and she seemed convinced the B&N is "old school" and "part of a dying system."

    Submissions page says (at this point) Fuze Publishing is selectively accepting manuscripts.

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    volitare nequeo AW Moderator veinglory's Avatar
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    I imagine "old school" might mean they want discount and returns.
    Emily Veinglory

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    Hagiographically Advantaged AW Moderator HapiSofi's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by juniper View Post
    She said Barnes & Noble refuses to carry their books and she seemed convinced the B&N is "old school" and "part of a dying system."
    Just quoting her as saying that B&N is "old school" and "part of a dying system" would have been enough to tell me that they won't take her books. No publisher is going to refuse to do business with a chain that so thoroughly dominates the market.

    B&N is an unsentimental organization. If they won't take Fuze's books, it's either because there's some defect in Fuze's processes (f.i., not taking returns, or having really bad covers), or because B&N's buyers don't fancy the individual titles. Too bad for Fuze either way -- if you don't have B&N, you really can't be said to have bookstore distribution.
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    Purple hair, not prose. VanessaNorth's Avatar
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    Their website is out of date (upcoming events lists dates in 2010 and 2011) and they only have 8 books on their list, four each of fiction and non fiction, two of which (one fiction, one non) were written by the founder.

    I'm not saying any of those things are bad, per se, but I would be curious as to how committed to marketing, etc a company could be if they don't at the bare minimum keep their website current.


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