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Thread: Help required

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    Help required

    I'd like someone to review and help me with what will probably be a novella unless meraculously i'm able to turn it into a novel (i dont think it's likely). It's my first full on fantasy. My others have just had a hint of fantasy in a real world. I haven't written much yet. I could give all of it to you so far which is about five short chapters or in instalments. As I know it's hard to find the time to read heaps at once. I want someone who will keep my work confidentail and be honest yet not brutal. I dont expect however to get and not give. I haven't much time to read heaps at once but a little here and there should be fine if your want the favour returned. Thankyou and I hope to here from you soon.
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    Fantasy's right up my alley. Whenever you're finished with it, or feel you're ready to share some of it, I'd love to read it and give you feedback.

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