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Thread: [Writing coach] Terrence Brejla

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    New kid, be gentle! Carlene's Avatar
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    [Writing coach] Terrence Brejla

    Anyone else get a spam email from "Mellissa White" supposedly via Linkedin touting the wonderful "writing coach" Terrence Brejla? I deleted it but would hate to think of a newby writer believing this stuff.

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    A quick search revealed numerous complaints.

    Frankly, why anyone would think a 'writing coach' could help more than they cost is beyond me. The only writing coaches I need are my agent and my editor.

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    Hagiographically Advantaged AW Moderator HapiSofi's Avatar
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    Terry Brejla is now touting himself as a writing coach?!

    That man couldn't rewrite two pages of plain nonfiction prose if you gave him detailed instructions, a map, a compass, and cookies to eat along the way.
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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    @HapiSofi--love your quote!
    Brejla is also still plagiarizing other bloggers--the giveaway? if the blog entry is more than 3 lines long, somebody else wrote it. Latest ripoff is Tony Schwartz' May 1 blog from Harvard Business Review. Terry posted it as his own on 2 different blogs.
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    Mostly Harmless SuperModerator CaoPaux's Avatar
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    Has dropped coaching/editing for film production, dba Terrence Glass of Golden Gate Pictures:

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    from words to worlds zmethos's Avatar
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    Huh. Well, IMDb has two Golden Gate Pictures listed as production companies, and neither of them are this one. (One did movies in the 40s, the other had one film in 2003.) Terrence Glass has no IMDb presence either. Melissa L. White is on IMDb as a writer of a few things, but again, none of those things are being produced by Golden Gate Pictures. The films on the GGP site have no entries on IMDb, so . . . :shrug:

    I was only very curious because I'm in the Bay Area and have done some screenwriting. I have a couple scripts I'd like to place, but GGP doesn't seem like they're actually doing anything.


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