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Exactly it's like the more I searched for her name, the more I read articles by her about her books, the more any positivity about this vanished. Like umm wow it's like the grave was being dug deeper. And the reviews about what is actually in the book is very insightful from what I gathered the 'coals' become 'beasts' like through a rite of passage and ritual.
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Yea I agree. Her comments are worth a thousand

Oh lord the website http://www.savethepearls.com/
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I don't even want to comment on the "mating profiles" thing.

I started reading through some of this last night and COULDN'T STOP CLICKING LINKS. I kept waiting for the "gotcha" to appear.

The "save the whites" thing is just...

But, did you see where she's pitching this as "beauty and the beast" and a "dystopian romance?" Exactly what life-altering change is the "beast" supposed to undergo by the end of the tale?

Or that it's not just "pearls" and "coals," but "ambers" for Asians, and "tiger-eyes" for Latinos, which means the only non-precious material is "coal." (This is supposed to be "upturned" racism? Really?) And what about POC who are light-skinned, or Caucasians who are naturally darker? What about those with a mixed heritage?

Or the "mate rate" video where the MC's speaking about her only two mating offers (which actually adds a whole 'nother layer of creepy to this, considering 18 is the UPPER LIMIT for age before one is mated) She says "I'd rather die than mate with another one of my kind." "I want to be protected." "I reek of inferiority."

o...k... backing away from the book very slowly. Not giving it my back.

I'm not sure who the target audience is for this thing, because I've seen reviews from readers identifying themselves as POC who are appalled, and reviews from Caucasian readers like me who are likewise appalled. It's an equal-opportunity fail. (and I'm with the reviewer who was stunned at the idea that this book has won awards or praise of any kind.)