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The race reversal isn't a new premise in YA by any stretch. UK author Malorie Blackman's NOUGHTS AND CROSSES was published here a decade ago... and to some critical acclaim. From Wiki:

Malorie Blackman describes herself as "a black woman writer", so she's not writing from a position of white privilege. I haven't read either book, so I can't comment on how the subject matter is approached in both or what I perceive the authorial intent to be, but it might be interesting to compare and contrast how perceptions of white privilege might impact on the kneejerk reactions of other people who just hear the premise and haven't read them either.

I was just about to post a link to Noughts and Crosses -- you beat me to it!

I also have not read either book so cannot comment. My daughter read N&C years ago and loved it.

However, to me whites being a minority is not anything in the least dystopian. I come from exactly such a society. Whites made up less than 1% of the society I grew up in, and yet they still managed to keep us "in our places". It's not always about being a minority, you see!