I suspect this book is self published.

The website for Sand Dollar Press says they have a background in independent filmmaking which gives them "a fresh outlook on marketing ... video book trailers and viral campaigns, coupled with expertise in marketing, public relations, and social media strategy, that results in the unrivalled execution of book launches."

Given what Tasha&Kamali said about her being a screenwriter and actress, that suggests it's the author herself behind all this.

The site talks grandly about "quality novels in the area of science fiction, mystery and romance," but there's no sign of any other book except this one.

I think we're all being played for a PR campaign.

And the book sounds appalling, not only offensive, but laughably unlikely both in sf and social history. "We run the world and have chosen a really obnoxious and filth-related name for ourselves and a literally precious jewel name for the dwindled remnants of our ancient oppressors." Yeah, that happens.