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The race reversal isn't a new premise in YA by any stretch. UK author Malorie Blackman's NOUGHTS AND CROSSES was published here a decade ago... and to some critical acclaim. From Wiki:

Malorie Blackman describes herself as "a black woman writer", so she's not writing from a position of white privilege. I haven't read either book, so I can't comment on how the subject matter is approached in both or what I perceive the authorial intent to be, but it might be interesting to compare and contrast how perceptions of white privilege might impact on the kneejerk reactions of other people who just hear the premise and haven't read them either.
A bit of a deviation...

I read this book when I was .... 14? And I went on to read the other three. And the reversal was complete, utterly complete, and it was never actually spelled out "a is white, b is black", but you picked it up from descriptions.

I have never thought more in my teenaged years than after reading that book, and it especially made me look at young male POCs in a different way. I had subconsious ideas about the danger related to guys that had darker skin then I did, and this book made me look at how I thought, and changed how I acted. It was an amazing book, it really was. Said so much to me about positions of power and how we treat people in this world.

Sorry for the deviation from the OP - this book sounds horrible, it really does - but I just had to say what a impact noughts and Crosses made on me and on my ideas about race and how we treat each other.