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Thread: Sharp Mind Publishing

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    practical experience, FTW eternalised's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    I've never heard of them before. Their website looks anything but professional - those colors are just plain hurtful for my eyes.

    They seem to publish mostly non-fiction if you look at their catalogue, but none of their titles ring a bell. Their 'About Us' page tells me nothing. No mention of who's the publisher, their credentials, or the credentials of anyone working for them. Their "25 tips" series is a series of short eBooks on virtually all non-fiction topics out there. I've checked the length of these books, and it varies but ends up at around 20-25 pages each.

    25 Tips For Books are a low cost, information packed mini-book. We take information found in long boring how to books, web pages, and forums and pull out the 25 most important tips for you.
    This is what they say about their 25 Tips books. I hope they credit the information they took from those "long boring how to books, web pages and forums", but I have serious doubts that they don't.

    Up till now, their catalogue only holds two authors: Craig Coppola and David Nelson. They talk about "Minibooks" on the website as well, which would then mean short fiction and/or poetry, but they offer no such books in their catalogue yet.

    To become one of their authors, you don't have to submit your MS, but fill in a form with your name, city, etc. This raises a lot of red flags in my book. How can they accept you as an author if they haven't seen your writing yet?
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    Just the facts, please
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    Website's down/dead.

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    Yep. Coppola's LinkedIn lists him as President/CIO of a Smart Mind Technology (also defunct), so I'd say it's a fair bet this was his venture.

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