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Thread: nHouse Publishing (NHP)

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    nHouse Publishing (NHP)

    Apologies if there's already a thread on this group; I checked the index but may have missed it.

    I ran across NHP accidentally via a search for something else. At first, they looked like a standard small press:
    nHouse Publishing, LLC, thereafter NHP is an independent, English-language trade book publisher that specializes in general fiction, urban literature, erotica, young adult (YA), selective nonfiction such as memoirs, inspirational, history, and self-help, audio production—adaptation into a script (abridged format) or recorded as written (unabridged format), and Spanish translations. NHP was first established in May 2003, then reestablished in January 2010, by Terry W. Benjamin and Tobias A. Fox in New Jersey.
    But then I saw they have a self-publishing arm, which to me says Conflict of Interest in big red letters. But I wasn't really sure what services they provide:
    It is nHouse Publishing's goal to provide writers with the most comprehensive representation. We will work with the writer to develop their talent and receive full opportunity to become successful within the industry.

    We work with the author in the following areas: Story Development, Production, Marketing/Promotion, and Distribution.

    nHouse Publishing also offers a full consultation package. While maintaining the full rights of your literary works, this service allows the self-published author to be published under an established publishing house. This gives the author credibility and valuable resources within the publishing industry.
    And then I saw this and really didn't get it:
    $2,500 includes writer’s credit and percentage of advance and royalties
    $6,000 if you want to obtain all credit
    And I realised I'm really clueless about this ghostwriting stuff. So -- if you pay someone to ghostwrite a book for you, how does the credit work? Who gets the advance and royalties?

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    With ghostwriting, all those details depend on the contract between all the various parties.

    As for all the rest: they do look like red flags to me.

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    Response to Unimportant

    Thanks for taking the time to review and finding us interesting enough to make a comment.

    When Terry and I started out in the publishing business we self-published Dancer's Paradise and it became a costly learning experience. No one was willing to take us through the process and those who did made sure they got paid well.

    After writing and self-publishing 3 novels, we became more experienced and noticed that more and more authors wanted to retain more and more creative control of their literary careers. They wanted to be publishers but lacked the experience. Being an independent publisher, this allows us to publish others but also provide services for the writer who wants to self-publish, but would like to do so with professional guidance. This allowed us to develop a self-publishing program for the writer who wants to become a self-published author.

    As for ghostwriting, you can either partner up with a writer and share all rewards (advance & royalties) or you can pay a ghostwriter; whereas, you can negotiate to keep all royalties and advance. Doing this, however, means you'll be paying a lot more to the ghostwriter.

    If you have any other questions, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to post here.

    Tobias A. Fox
    Executive Editor & Publisher
    nHouse Publishing, LLC

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