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Thread: Finishing Line Press

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    Finishing Line Press

    They have just accepted a chapbook of mine. Preditors and Editors says "not recommended." Any comments. Savery

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    If they're not recommended why did you submit to them?

    They have a contest with a $15 entry fee on the main page where the "prize" is publication. Publication is not a prize to be won, it's a joint business venture.

    Mind you, since they charge a $15 "reading fee" on their submissions page, I guess the entry fee amount must seem reasonable. /facepalm

    Reading fees are bullshit ways for publishers with no other means of income to make money. If they need to charge a reading fee to make money, you should be able to extrapolate just how many (few) copies of your work will be sold.

    They have a dontations button so you can donate money to them. See comments above about them not being financially viable. They aren't making money off selling books so they ask people to just give them money? Seriously, in what other industry is this acceptable business practice?
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    What in the world made you want to submit to them? Was it the reading fee? The covers of their existing books (the best look like they were shot with a Polaroid camera), the non-existent book descriptions in their store, the high prices, or the fact that you knew it wasn't recommended by P&E?

    I'm sorry, I don't mean to come off rude, but... I think you might be selling yourself (and your hard work!) short. Just because they can technically publish you, doesn't mean they're the right publisher for you.
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    Most of their books are priced at $14 - a bit steep for a slim volume of poetry.


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