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Thread: [Publisher] Verus Editora

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    [Publisher] Verus Editora

    Okay, I searched and didn't see this one on the publisher index

    I received a Twitter message from...

    Gabriela Adami and I am the rights assistant for Verus, a publishing house established in Brazil
    ...wanting me to...

    We are interested in receiving some material from your titles for our review. Could you please inform me your e-mail contact?
    Yes, I'm assuming English isn't her first language.

    Anyone know anything about them? I also looked on P&E and didn't see them.

    Their website is:

    and I found this on the about them page (Google translation from Portuguese)

    In business since 2000, Verus Editora solidified its presence in the publishing market with a strong and varied catalog that brings together authors of national and international reputation as Ruben Alves, Anselm Grün, Cesar Millan, the Dalai Lama, Osho, among others. In recent years, has invested in works related to lifestyle, with titles cookery, tourism, fashion, education guides, dogs, etc. and general knowledge. The publisher also unveiled its line of fiction, with books of national and foreign authors.

    In April 2010 Verus Editora was acquired by Grupo Editorial Record , the largest publishing conglomerate in Latin America, becoming a subsidiary of the group, alongside the Publishing Record, Bertrand, José Olympio and Best Seller, and their respective seals as Galera , Brazilian Civilization, DIFEL among others.
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    Adding link to parent, GER:

    If you don't have an agent to forward it to, check with the others she's Tweeted as to whether it's spam or sincere interest.

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