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Thread: The Rant to Your Heart's Content Thread

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    I would like to preface the following two comments by saying that most people who rescue dogs are wonderful awesome people.


    1) Some people should not own dogs but they do it anyway and it pisses me off.

    2) Some people lie when they apply to adopt a dog and that also pisses me off.

    In conclusion, right now, I would very much like to punch certain people in the face, because I feel that they are butthole foreskin wafers with loose wormy poops for brain-folds.

    On an unrelated note,

    3) Why the hell are there so many people on the road who don't actually seem to want to get anywhere, and why are they all driving parallel to each other at the same speed right in front of me...

    ...this episode of whining brought to you by I've Once Again Developed a Dependence on Caffeine Even Though I Said I Wouldn't and Now I'm Out of Caffeine and Therefore BUZ SMASH ARGH
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