Smashwords!!! Argh. I formatted half a story, then realized that nothing should make me this miserable. That was 6 weeks ago. I rediscovered equanimity.

Until I came across a promo quote on Scrivener's website from someone who successfully uploaded one of Scrivener's Word exports to Smashwords without fiddling. But who knows if she got into the premium catalog, if problems materialized later etc etc.

Anyone go directly from Scrivener to Smashwords without problems? I feel like if it were that easy, everyone would be talking about it. Anyone feel strongly that suffering through the Smashwords formatting is/isn't worth it? I'm writing (spicy) shorts, pubbed on B&N (and Amazon, of course) myself, will do Kobo myself. (Yes, even if they scrap the new platform and I have to use excel and ftp it). Are the remaining SW platforms significant enough to offset the cost of a new computer when I dropkick this one out the window?