I’ve been wanting to come forth about my experience with Month9 for some time now, and in light of what’s currently going on with the company, I feel I have to speak up to warn other authors. I separated from Month9 over a year ago, and it was by my own choice. I requested my rights back for several reasons.
In the beginning, Georgia was extremely nice to me. She made a lot of promises, including that my book would be the feature title of the year. I’ve since come to learn she made this promise to many other authors as well, even one I shared a release day with. Apparently, it was a token promise made to secure a deal. I didn’t know that at the time though and I believed the things that were promised to me.
Things began going south rather quickly. I was asked to make some big picture changes on my manuscript, which I did even though I didn’t feel they were the best for the book. Then when the manuscript was edited, I discovered my editor was sent the original version of my book, not the one with the big picture changes. When I brought this to Georgia's attention, she decided not to have my editor read the updated version, (I can only assume because it would mean my editor would have to be paid for that additional edit) and instead sent the book on to copy edits. So really, only my copy editor worked on my book with me. There was no back and forth or multiple rounds of edits, which left me feeling like my book wasn’t important enough to merit the time.
There were also issues with my cover reveal and incorrect information in my book that I asked to be fixed four months prior to release. I was assured the issues were corrected before the book went to print, but when my author copies arrived, I immediately discovered the errors were still there. I cried. The moment when you hold your book for the first time is supposed to be filled with joy. Instead, I was embarrassed to have the book out in the world this way.
I was also never paid the advance that was promised in my contract. And when my agent questioned Georgia about it, we were given the runaround. After asking her to follow the contract, we were called names by Georgia. I had to beg for my rights back. It was an extremely emotional time for me and I’ve never experienced more unprofessional communication as I did during emails with Georgia. When my rights reversion was finally granted (after citing several instances of breach of contract), it arrived with multiple typos, including the misspelling of names and book titles.
I still haven’t been paid, and my book released years ago. Since going through this, I’ve had other M9 authors approach me with eerily similar stories. It breaks my heart to see so many authors treated poorly and not being paid for their work. And that is why I’m coming forth now. (Please note that when asked about my experience with this company, I have always been honest. I never tried to hide it, but I never went public with it either.) I don’t want to see anyone else have to endure what I and so many others have had to. My agency as a whole will no longer submit to Month9 or any of its imprints since I’m not the only one of their authors to experience this treatment from Month9. I think that right there speaks volumes.