I was wondering if anyone had any experience with or additional information about Cohesion Press?

Wesbite: http://cohesionpress.com/

From the website:

"Cohesion Press opened up just last year to publish fast-paced thriller horror/sci-fi/fantasy"

And: "
Cohesion Press is the brainchild of Geoff Brown, the past president of the Australian Horror Writers Association and owner-operator of Cohesion Editing and Proofreading. We will be publishing anthologies, collections, novels, and novellas in ebook and print form."

Also: "All of our books are available at all good online retailers. Any bookshop can order through Ingram Distribution. Just ask by title and author at your local bookstore."

They appear to have published 7 books so far. They are an Australian press.

They currently have an open submission call for a horror anthology (paying pro rates) and I was thinking about sending them a short story.

Any thoughts?

In particular, I'm wondering if authors are ever steered towards the owner's editing & proof-reading service.

I'm also concerned about the lack of distribution, although perhaps that's normal for a such a small press.