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I wasn't referring to you at all. I was talking about a rearising cultural attitude, one which underlies a considerable amount of misogyny.

I will ask you one question as regards your view of sexual responsibility. You seem to be stating outright that a woman having sex means that one bears 100% responsibility for whatever comes of it and that the very act of having sex means that the woman loses all human rights, even the basic right of bodily autonomy.
No, she does not lose all human rights. And I've already given my view as regards bodily automony. Post #192. It's the best I can do.

So two questions.
1. Should not the father also lose all such rights? Should fatherhood create an enslaved state wherein the father, since he cannot carry the child, must give up everything in life to care for the mother and the child?
The father should be 100% responsible financially. Would that he would have to go through the pregnancy, but since that's not scientifically possible....

2. Can you name any other action that should cause this giving up of bodily autonomy? So far the only things I can think of are capital offenses. But even those have limits. We do not, for example, allow capital prisoners to be used involuntarily for medical experiments which could save thousands of lives.
No, and again, I tried to address that in #196. There is nothing that compares to pregnancy that is legal.

The best analogy I can come up with is that if a parent is caring for, let's say, an infant (since they are the most physically demanding), and becomes unable or unwilling to continue to do so, that parent cannot stuff the infant into a closet or a garbage can or an abandoned building. That parent must continue to care for the infant until such time as the parent can find alternative care. If the parent cannot not find alternative care immediately, there would be a period of time in which the parent would be required to feed, clothe, shelter and carry around that infant. If not, the parent would be accused of child abandonment, endangerment, and--if the infant died--some form of murder/manslaughter.

Why is sex so different from all other human actions that it takes away all human autonomy, from one and only one of its participants?
Are you asking me why we procreate the way we do? Because I have no idea. That's just the way it is.