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Thread: Silver Knight Publishing

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Silver Knight Publishing

    Hi all,

    Please forgive me for joining and immediately asking for advice.

    I wrote a novel and submitted it to several agents. It was rejected.

    Then I stumbled upon some publishers that were accepting submissions. So I queried a few and was... drum roll... rejected.

    But one responded - Silver Knight:

    Now this is a case of "If they want me, they must have a problem."

    Well, they do not want it yet. However they are the first to request the whole thing (after reading the first four chapters).

    Has anyone heard of them? They only offer 15% of all sales.

    On the one hand, maybe if I re-write the work I could try with an agent. On the other hand... I want to move on and let this go where the wind takes it.

    Any advice on them?


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    I got it covered Undercover's Avatar
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    It looks good from here, but you never really know until you know, ya know? LOL

    The covers look nice and they offer hardcovers too, but the pricing seems kinda steep. Even for e-books. I don't know if that 15% on royalties is net or cover price. You might want to look into that, if you get that far.

    I think a large part to want to know is how they market it. They mention your book "may" go to brick and morter stores, but it's not a guarantee. They also mention libraries too, but every book? Like I said, you would have to look into that too. Are they listed on the P&E?

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    volitare nequeo AW Moderator veinglory's Avatar
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    They look good on the surface but Amazon sales seem very low even for the 'most popular' book--and reviews mention very poor editing. Those who post low star reviews seem to get jumped on in a way that makes me suspicious of the many glowing reviews. Hmmm.

    I would suggest using 'look inside' to have a good look at the quality of their books. I saw editing and formatting issues.
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    It was discussed in another thread, but beware of the promise of stores. It usually means that if I walk into B&N and ask for your book, it can be ordered. Doesn't mean it's stocked.

    They claim to have some of the highest royalties in the industry. 15-20%. That isn't that fantastic, although for print it's not bad. For ebooks you could do much better.

    On Amazon their prices seem spot on with epublishers, surprisingly even the hard cover for 25.00

    As a children's book writer, the illustrations for the one listed on Amazon look nice.

    Not much of a catalog to browse through though.

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    I'd be curious what their ebook royalties are since I assume the stated royalty is for the print version. If the ebook royalty is the same that is pretty low.

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    Brian Boru brianm's Avatar
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    The website was registered in late 2011, so they're less than a year old and I see a few red flags with this startup. The site is geared to writers, there's no information on the person or persons running this entity, and there are some editing problems with the few blurbs I read.

    I googled Aya Knight whose book is a "bestseller" and discovered her one book was originally pubbed by vanity press Old Line Publishing (thread here) in May 2011. A bit more googling and it turns out she's the CEO of Silver Knight Publishing.

    So what we have here is a new writer with one vanity pubbed book opening a publishing entity with no publishing experience. I strongly recommend a wait and see attitude.
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    Hagiographically Advantaged AW Moderator HapiSofi's Avatar
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    Sounds hopeless. This author can't edit and sell herself. Recasting her self-publishing career as a "publishing house" isn't going to change that.
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    This might be a bit late, but the same thing happened to me. I didn't see this thread though, or I may not have sent the manuscript in the first place.
    If you're wondering, they haven't bothered replying at all to any of my later e-mails. Also, I've noticed that they haven't been publishing anything new in the past few months. (I saw some new releases initially, but now they're not even doing that.)
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    Closed in '14, although owner issued another book for self in '15.

    Nonfiction imprint was Fortitude Publishing (, also gone.

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