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Thread: Blog Bio

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    Blog Bio

    I just added a bio page to my blog. I tried to do something different. If you have time, check it out here.
    Fred Charles, Author, Musician

    Visit my blog or add me to your Facebook and say hello. Seriously:

    Fred Charles Website Facebook

    On Twitter: @FredCharlesBlog

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    I assume you're asking for feedback. If not, disregard this response.

    I'm a big believer in humor. I'm also a big believer in being different.

    That said, your self-interview didn't work for me. I should add, too, that I've done a self-interview for publication. It's very difficult to pull off. I did mine as a farewell piece to mark the end of a humor column I had been writing for several years.

    There are some things that I don't think it's prudent to mess with. An author bio is one of them. Most of us just want the straight dope. Who are you? What's interesting or unique about you?

    If you really like the interview and you want to keep it, you might consider linking to it from your bio page. You might even try sprucing it up by copying the Playboy format with three b&w images of yourself at the bottom. Maybe even call it the Boyplay Interview. Or whatever.

    I notice that the one and only comment you got slammed you. While it's a mistake to make too much of that, consider that your interview so aggravated the respondent that she felt compelled to reply.

    I found the interview to be on the juvenile side. It's very show-offy and relies on what I would call forced humor. I personally would scrap it.

    Alternatively, it MIGHT work if you did it seriously. I would still link to it and have a legitimate, no-nonsense bio page. But if you duplicated the Playboy format and gave serious replies, there would be some subtle humor in that.

    I would base my decision on whether to do that on figuring out if I had enough interesting, worthwhile things to say that would hold people's attention. It's inherently arrogant because you're suggesting that you're a figure of enough importance to merit an interview. So you'd have to be very careful with it.

    Also, if your site is under construction, I don't think a bio page, any kind of bio page, is the place to start. First you need the meat or the main course before you add the side dishes. You have to know what your focus is and who your intended audience is. Once you figure that out, that will tell you what you should share about yourself.


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