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Well I'm not sure if everyone remembers a quizilla where people would post stories instead of quiz's and truth or dares etc. I think that's what fanfiction tries to prevent. Also i know in the Hunger Games section people get annoyed with the 'Create your own character to enter the hunger games annual event!!!' as they feel its lazy on part of the author.
Aha, I used to love reading those on quizilla when I was like.. 14. That takes me back. I remember a lot of them were vampire fics/quizzes too.

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Oh, I also wanted to respond to this:

From what I understand, their "M" rating doesn't excuse the same content that an "MA" rating would according to their guidelines. And it includes sexual as well as violent content. I'm not quite clear on the dividing line, though, and I think that's very open to subjective interpretation.
Okay, thanks for clarification. Still though, they troupe seems to be cracking down on anything M rated in the first place. They're looking for violence/blood/gore too, so it still raises the question of.. why have the rating if it's not allowed to begin with?